Quality Circles

A Quality Circle is a group of employees that meets regularly to solve problems effecting its work area. Generally, 6 – 12 volunteers from the same work area make up the Circle. The members receive training in problem-solving, statistical quality control and group process. Quality Circles generally recommend solutions for quality and productivity problems which management then may implement. A facilitator usually, a specially trained member of the management, helps train circle members and ensures that things run smoothly. Objectives of Quality Circle Programs include quality improvement, productivity enhancement and employee involvement. Circles generally meet 4 hours a month on company time. (HBR – Jan – Feb 1985)

The frontline staff members are more connected with the customers. They can well understand and appreciate customer expectations and are ideally positioned to provide solutions. They form groups – Quality Circles and participation is voluntary.

The benefits of Quality Circles are many. To list a few:

✓ Higher quality
✓ Improved productivity
✓ Greater upward flow of communication
✓ Improved team spirit
✓ Identification of hidden talent
✓ Improved customer satisfaction
✓ Job enrichment
✓ Innovation

Management buy-in is crucial for implementing Quality Circles. The Circles look for management support and re-assurance for the good work they do.  

Companies generally take the help of Consulting Companies to provide direction. The consulting team is expected to carry both the functional and technical expertise to implement the program. At Winnow Consultants we are rightly positioned to implement Quality Circles for banks. We are a team of experienced bankers and we carry in-depth understanding of banking from business, service and risk perspectives. We also carry the experience of running Quality Circles at other banks.

We recently conducted wordkshops at KBZ Bank, Myanmar on Quality Circles.